"Cats The Musical" Reworked Corset Top | Size: M


Are you a fan of the iconic musical "Cats"? Do you want to show off your love for the show in a unique and stylish way? Look no further than our Cats the Musical Corset Top!

Our Cats the Musical Corset Top is made from high-quality materials, including comfortable and durable fabric and sturdy straps that provide support and stability. The corset-style design hugs your curves and creates a flattering silhouette.

One of the best things about our Cats the Musical Corset Top is its versatility. This top can be dressed up or down, making it perfect for any occasion. Wear it with a pair of jeans and sneakers for a casual look, or pair it with a skirt and heels for a night out on the town. Whether you're headed to a Broadway show, a musical festival, or simply want to show off your love for Cats, this corset is sure to make a statement.

Not only is our Cats the Musical Corset Top a stylish addition to your wardrobe, but it's also a sustainable one. Our corsets are made from reworked materials, giving new life to old fabrics and reducing waste. By choosing our reworked corset, you're not only making a fashion statement, but you're also making a conscious choice to support sustainability and environmental responsibility.

So why wait? Add our Cats the Musical Corset Top to your wardrobe today and show off your love for the iconic musical in style!


  • 100% cotton
  • Handmade in Florida


  • Size: M
  • Bust: 36” approximately
  • Waist: 30” approximately

We recommend that you know your bust and waist measurements or know the measurements of a favorite fitted top that you already own and love. That way you can make sure you get the right size for you.

We also included a complete size guide to help you choose the right size.

*** A friendly reminder if you have a larger bust or would prefer more coverage across the bust, size up for a more comfortable fit.***

If you have any more questions about sizing or anything else please feel free to send us a message here.

* Color may appear differently in pictures than in person*

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